Net-neutrality activists are taking to Capitol Hill Tuesday (June 26) to try to convince, or pressure, legislators to support an effort to nullify the FCC's net-neutrality reg rollback, which took effect June 11.

The latest "day of advocacy" -- there have been other net neutrality activist action days -- is backed by, among others, Consumer Reports, Demand Progress, Public Knowledge, Free Press, Fight for the Future and the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

The groups say more than four dozen people have scheduled meetings with their representatives Tuesday, before the the legislators' July 4 break.

The Senate, with the help of three Republicans, passed a Congressional Review Act resolution nullifying FCC chair Ajit Pai's Restoring Internet Freedom Order. For the House to do the same, it would take a couple of dozen Republican votes, which activists don't have -- plus some Democrats that have not yet signed on either -- to discharge the resolution from committee and force a floor vote.

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The CRA is a long shot, but the groups are hardly ready to throw in the towel. They could use the issue in the midterms if they could force a vote, then highlight those who voted against restoring the rules against online blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

"If broadband providers, with the silent assent of policy makers, continue to walk away from net neutrality and other consumer protections over broadband, Americans could begin to see fewer choices online, higher prices, and an internet that looks more like the tiered offerings of cable television," said Public Knowledge VP Chris Lewis.