Ad Buyers Studying Updated Nielsen Data


While some agencies may be seeking make-goods for underdelivery stemming from
new Nielsen Media Research universe estimates for the 2002-03 TV season, Bates
USA is reserving judgment for now.

Senior vice president and director of national broadcast Kara Lazarus said
her agency is still poring over the final universe estimates of 106.7 million TV
households for the upcoming season, released Wednesday.

Each national rating point will translate into 1 percent of that total, or
1.067 million TV homes, Nielsen noted. The new estimate -- up 1.2 million
households from last season's -- includes the final data from the 2002

In the interim, the agency will 'withhold any judgment about what our next
steps will be.'

Once that process is complete, she said, 'We will go through our buys network
by network to reveal the over/underdelivery issues. Could be much ado about
nothing, but it's too soon to tell.'

Published reports indicated that some agencies and clients were already
pressing for make-goods, chiefly among the age 2-through-11 demographic

Other major media buyers were unavailable or unwilling to comment by press