Ad Execs Channel Their Inner Sportsman

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To catch the eye of advertising executives, Sportsman Channel's business development team sent a package to 500 agencies containing ways to channel one's "inner sportsman" at the workplace.

The game presents props and various scenarios and the idea is to play them through, take pictures, post them on a Facebook page and be eligible to win cash and prizes, spokeswoman Michelle Scheuermann said.

A Sportsman Channel gameplayer

Scenarios are: avoiding the boss who comes stampeding into your cubicle, angry because someone has vandalized his portrait, by hiding behind a neglected plant on your desk; shooting holes in your laptop after a system error corrupts a week's worth of work and baiting a co-worker with candy fish then sticking them with your work, leaving you free for a Friday's worth of Facebook surfing.

Gummy fish, bullet-hole stickers and "office camouflage" came in the kit, along with scenario cards.

Sportsman Channel sent The Wire a sample kit and some images of game players and we're wondering: how do they keep their plants so green?