Ad Loads Dropped Slightly During 1Q

C3 ratings continue to fall in primetime, analyst Juenger says
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Amid all the big talk by TV executives about improving viewer experience by reducing commercial loads in programming, there was only a 1% drop in ad loads during the first quarter, according to figures from Todd Juenger, analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.

As ratings have fallen, making raising ad revenue more difficult, many networks have stuff their shows with extra ad inventory. Now, companies, including 21st Century Fox, Time Warner and Viacom, are talking about reducing the number of commercial they air in order to get more people to tune in and to increase the effectiveness of the ads that do appear.

The 1% first quarter decline didn’t seem like much progress to Juenger.

“That's moving in the right direction, but baby-steps, especially given all the tough talk from network executives about reigning in ad loads,” he said in a report Thursday morning. 

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