Ad Views in Premium Content Rose 24% in 3Q, Says FreeWheel

Programmatic sales rise to 13% share
freewheel ad growth.jpg

Ad views in premium video increased 24% in the third quarter compared to a year ago in the U.S., according to a new report from FreeWheel.

Video starts increased 30% as publishers continue to make content available across more platforms, including through expanded TV Everywhere agreements with distributors, according to FreeWheel’s Video Monetization Report.

While ad views in clips and live streamed video rose, the biggest increase in views and share came in full episodes, 29%, as OTT services flourished and more operators enabled dynamic ad insertion into content viewed via set-top boxes.

Set-top box video on demand ad views grew 54% year over year, accounting for a 20% share of premium video ad views.

But live monetization of digital simulcasts of linear broadcasts, plus digital-only events, grew by 26% and claimed nearly a quarter of total ad views. Taking advantage of IP-based streaming TV services, live programming doubled its share of ad views during the quarter, FreeWheel said.

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