Adara Partners With CCI Systems

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In the run-up to The Independent Show next week, Adara Technologies has announced that it will partner with CCI Systems on its cloud-based, managed advanced video solutions for mid-to-small sized service providers.

CCI Systems of Iron Mountain, Mich., which specializes in design, construction, maintenance and engineering of communication systems as well as the integration of new technologies and services, will work with Adara to co-market and co-deliver the solution to mid-to-small sized video service providers throughout the United States.

"Our two companies have unique and complementary market relationships and implementation skill sets," said Todd Gingrass, vice president of technology for CCI Systems in a statement. "Our combination will significantly increase the number of service providers who will have access to a revolutionary, video solution at a critical time when mounting competitive pressures threaten the video businesses of our mid-to-small sized operator customers."

In recent years many smaller operators have struggled competitively against the must larger HD offerings from satellite and in some cases local telcos. These operators have often found it difficult to raise the capital needed to upgrade their systems to meet the competitive pressures.

The Adara solution, which is done in collaboration with Cisco and uses advanced digital set-top boxes and other equipment from Cisco, is designed to help smaller operators dramatically expand their offerings of high definition channels and other advanced video services with a hosted, cloud-based solution for switched digital explains explained Joseph Nucara, CEO and co-founder of Adara.

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