ADB Set-Tops Plug In Civolution's Watermarking


Advanced Digital Broadcast has integrated Civolution's watermarking technology into its digital TV set-top boxes to give operators the ability to track unauthorized copies of video.

ADB's set-top boxes can embed a unique watermark based on Civolution's VTrack system into video material each time an on-demand program is distributed, enabling content owners to identify the source of any potential copies. Civolution claims its watermark will survive various forms of degradation, including camcorder capture.

"Now with the increased availability of high-definition and early-release content, the [camera] capture and distribution of high-quality content copies is a new threat requiring fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions,'' Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra said in announcing the partnership.

ADB, Geneva, Switzerland, has deployed 13 million set-top boxes worldwide incorporating different middleware, conditional access and hardware technologies.

Civolution was formed in October 2008 as a spin-off from Philips Electronics combining Teletrax, a former joint-venture of Philips and Medialink, which provided broadcast TV measurement and verification services. Last month, Netherlands-based Civolution acquired Thomson's Software & Technology Solutions (STS) watermarking business.