ADC, C-COR Close Financial-Loss Gaps

Original: Corp.’s net sales for its fiscal quarter ending June 27 reached $52
million, a slight gain from the third quarter's $50.1 million but substantially
off the year-ago figure of $69.2 million.

But the company narrowed its let loss from $37.2 million last year to $13.3
million this year. Most of the net loss was attributed to a $6 million
goodwill-impairment charge and $4.6 million related to purchase-accounting
adjustments related to its acquisition of Philips Broadband Networks.

C-COR said it expects flat revenue growth for the current quarter, with
estimates falling between $52 million-$54 million.

ADC Telecommunications Inc. reported similar results for its third quarter
ending July 31. New sales were $188.5 million, a slight drop from the second
quarter's $192 million but a substantial drop from the year-ago figure of $231

Still, the company cut its operating losses to $1.2 million in the quarter
compared with $77.2 million in the year-ago period.

Sales in its broadband-infrastructure group ($112.6 million) mirrored the
company's overall numbers, with a slight drop sequentially from $120 million but
a big drop from last year's quarterly revenue total of $153 million.

The company said it is making cost cuts in order to break even on expected
quarterly revenue of $180 million-$190 million going forward.