ADC Pitches MSOs Leaving @Home Alone


ADC Telecommunications Inc. is looking to make the best of a bad situation by offering those Excite@Home Corp. affiliates who'll be shut off from the cable-modem network after Feb. 2 a free 30-day trial of its provisioning products and services.

If an operator signs up before Jan. 22, ADC has offered to install and run the equipment in one test location. Though Excite@Home's largest affiliates — such as Comcast Corp. and Cox Communications Inc. — have already put their migration plans in place, some smaller operators are still trying to hatch their strategies.

The promotion will "allow them to test drive it and show how we can integrate it in a short amount of time onto their network to alleviate some of the pain from one of the more important parts of the cut-over process, and that is the provisioning aspect," said Mike Wozniak, manager of product marketing for ADC's Internet-protocol cable business unit.

ADC has offered a package of transition products anchored by the Fast Flow Broadband Provisioning Manager, a network server that can automatically activate and configure consumer devices. It provides the modem with an IP address and automatically downloads the proper computer configuration based on order data.

"If you look at the cable operations right now, that is an absolute must," said ADC product management and marketing vice president Mitch Auster. "Otherwise, you have to manually go and do that, and that is just not scalable — particularly if you are going to be doing that for a couple thousand cable modems all at once."

Also included in the package is the Fast Flow Internet-protocol management product, which automatically manages the cable systems's pool of IP addresses, distributing them to the Fast Flow provisioning server. It generates alarms when the available IP address pool shrinks and automatically generates a request form for additional addresses sent to the governing American Registry of Internet Numbers.

ADC's main pitch is its ability to offer a speedy remedy. For proof of that, Wozniak noted that during its migration, Cox installed 150 units of the company's provisioning gear in 150 of the MSO's locations.