Adelphia Fights Florida DTV Order


Adelphia Communications Corp. wants the Federal Communications Commission to
reverse a decision allowing a Florida digital-only TV station to seek analog
carriage on area cable systems.

Last month, TV station WHDT-DT in Stuart won permission from the FCC to
demand analog carriage even though it is planning to transmit programming only
in digital.

Adelphia, in a Feb. 22 filing, told the FCC that it had no authority to
require analog carriage; that analog carriage would do nothing to promote the
sale of digital-TV receivers; and that analog carriage would violate cable
operators' First Amendment rights because cable networks would have to be

'Whatever the [FCC's] authority to mandate carriage of a signal broadcast in
digital format, there is no comparable authority for the [commission] to require
a cable operator to carry the analog version of a digital broadcaster's
programming,' Adelphia said.

The National Cable Television Association, which opposed WHDT-DT's request,
declined to comment.

Adelphia told the FCC WHDT-DT had not commenced service and the two were
'continuing to discuss technical carriage issues.'