Adelphia Loses Subs in Oct.


Adelphia Communications Corp. grew revenue and cash flow for the month of October by 1.2% and 4.4%, respectively, but lost about 33,000 basic-video customers, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Nov. 24.

As of Oct. 31, Adelphia had 5.279 million basic customers, compared with 5.312 million in September. Digital subscribers declined by 7,876 during the month, from 2.035 million to 2.028 million. High-speed data was the only growth area, with customers rising by nearly 25,000 in October from 1.331 million to 1.356 million.

Revenue for the month was $331.15 million, up from $327.172 million in September. Cash flow was $87.26 million, up from $83.557 million in September.