Adelphia Reorg Targets Service Improvements


Adelphia Communications Corp. said it has reorganized
its operating structure into five separate geographic regions, a move the MSO
hopes will improve customer service by placing more operating authority in the

Adelphia will be organized into five separate regions - from its current
seven - Northeast, Central, Southeast, California and a smaller Western

At the same time, Adelphia will expand the size and capabilities of the local
management teams in each region to further decentralize Adelphia's management
structure and ensure local decisions are made closer to customers.

Adelphia tapped its current regional managers to head the new units. Former
Great Lakes regional vice president Bob Wahl will become senior vice president
of the Northeast region, former Central region VP Bill Kent will be named senior
vice president of the Central region, former Florida regional VP Dan Hebert will
become senior vice president of the Southeast region and former Southern
California regional VP Lee Perron will become senior vice president of the
California region. Steve Delgado will continue to serve as vice president of the
Western Region.

"This operating model is used by several other MSOs and, after careful
consideration, it is the right approach to empower Adelphia's regional
management teams," Adelphia chief operating officer Ron Cooper said in a

Also as part of the decentralization, Adelphia will be adding new vice
president positions in marketing/sales, engineering/construction,
legal/government affairs, human resources and finance to each of the four large

This will insure that they have the leadership and experience necessary to
successfully take on their new responsibilities.

Adelphia's four regional offices will be located in Charlottesville, Va.
(Central region), West Palm Beach, Fla. (Southeast region), Woodland Hills,
Calif. (California region), and a location yet to be determined for the
Northeast region.

The Western region will be located in Monument, Colo.