Adelphia's System Buy Under Fire


Some Ventura County, Calif., municipalities have hired lawyers to help decide
whether to contest Adelphia Communications Corp.'s acquisition of several
Verizon Communications systems.

Adelphia has purchased the telco's overbuild systems in Thousand Oaks,
Camarillo, Oxnard and Port Hueneme, Calif. -- localities where it is the

It will also buy a Verizon property that competes with Time Warner Cable in
Pinellas County, Fla.

In California, Adelphia would be eliminating a competitor and buying a plant
upgrade in the process.

Adelphia purchased AT&T Broadband's system in Ventura County, just
northeast of Los Angeles, two years ago. The system it inherited was technically
out of date.

Verizon's newer plant has 750-megahertz capacity and is two-way capable.

Adelphia intends to absorb Verizon's customers, then wreck out the aging
former AT&T plant, eliminating the need for a two-year rebuild, as well as
the inherent disruptions that would cause.

The Verizon plant will allow Adelphia to rapidly deliver 70 new channels and
to expand cable-modem service, which the telco already offers.

Perron said Adelphia won't raise prices for the added cable channels -- at
least not this year.