Adelstein Could Tip DTV Balance

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Washington— Democrat Jonathan Adelstein, sworn in last Tuesday as a member of the Federal Communications Commission, is positioned to cast the tie-breaking vote on at least one important cable issue that has been brewing for years.

Since last July, the FCC has operated with four commissioners, three of them Republicans. But divisions within the GOP majority have created deadlocks on several policy fronts, including digital television.

One issue still to be decided is whether cable operators after the transition have to carry a TV station's multiple digital broadcast services, or just a single channel as current policy dictates. In January 2001, FCC chairman Michael Powell voted against a multiple channel carriage mandate.

Many expect Adelstein will provide the third vote in support of a multiple-channel carriage regime. But as chairman, Powell has the prerogative to bottle up issues if he is not in the majority.

According to a senior FCC official, Powell is willing to release a DTV order that includes a multiple-carriage mandate to which he is opposed.