Adelstein Saluted for Commitment to Rural Telecom

Former FCC Commissioner Named Rural Broadband Alliance's American Rural Champion
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Former FCC commissioner and Rural Utilities Service director Jonathan Adelstein has been named the Rural Broadband Alliance's first American Rural Champion.

The coalition of rural telecom carriers singled Adelstein out for helping incorporate rural issues in the 1996 Telecom Act while a Senate staffer and championing rural broadband as an FCC commissioner as well as heading up the RUS' broadband stimulus loan program since being named to head RUS in 2009.

"Although he has left public service and no longer is in a position to advocate for rural interests within the Obama administration, it is important that Jonathan Adelstein's passion and commitment to rural America be recognized," said the group.

Adelstein left RUS earlier this year to head the Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA).