Adlink Sets "Riots" Sponsors


Adlink, the Los Angeles interconnect, announced Thursday that five
advertisers will be the major sponsors of 'Laugh Riots,' the fifth annual
standup-comedians competition done in association with Comedy Central.

Pontiac, SBC, Miller Genuine Draft, The Flamingo Las Vegas and Carl's Jr. are
the sponsors, said Adlink project manager-promotional marketing Monica Lagos.

The promotion has generated more than $4 million a year in local sales for Adlink since 2001.

Laugh Riots is expanding this spring to eight markets, with the addition of
Austin, Texas.

The sponsors will be featured in 'hundreds' of promo spots, on Comedy's Web
site and via on-site signage at the various competition events -- from the
semifinals (due this spring in Boston, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami,
Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles) to the top-ten finals in Los Angeles on June

In the past, the finals were held in the fall.

The competition's winner will get $10,000 cash and will appear on the special
Laugh Riots edition of Comedy's Premium Blend.

Comedy Central executive vice president of affilliate relations Brad Samuels
said in a statement, 'Laugh Riots demonstrates a successful affiliate promotion
and provides relevant content on our network.'