Advanced Ad 2017: Data-Driven Ads Power Sales

Viacom marketing exec Sean Moran says clients crave data validity, integrity

NEW YORK – Viacom’s data-driven advertising platform Vantage is a prime example of the power of strong numbers, the company ‘s head of marketing and partner solutions Sean Moran said at the Advanced Advertising spring event here Monday.

At the opening keynote conversation with Broadcasting & Cable business editor Jon Lafayette, Moran pointed to a recent Vantage campaign with Toyota around its RAV 4 SUV, adding that the project not only delivered the promised audience and boosted consumer awareness of the product, it could lead to hard sales.

Vantage has grown from 30 clients about a year ago to more than 80 clients today, Moran said.

Moran said Toyota saw a 100% increase in the intent to purchase in the targeted audience.

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The Toyota campaign has led to “deeper discussions” with other clients around advanced ads, he added, pointing to another campaign with a major retailer where Viacom results were twice that of any other network group.

“That’s not guesswork, there’s no gray [area], that’s a two-times increase,” Moran said.

The Viacom executive added that while advanced advertising has been on the cusp of a breakthrough for years, customers are still worried about the validity and the integrity of the numbers. That is beginning to change as new players and new technologies enter the space.

“A lot of people are unsure, but they are sure about how TV works,” Moran said. “We can bring the best of digital to TV and the best of TV to digital.”