Advanced Advertising: Better Measurement Needed Across Platforms

Tech Should Not Function as Barrier to Monetizing Viewings

The importance of flexibility and measurements across platforms were big talking points for a panel of execs Tuesday at the Advanced Advertising event, presented by B&C and Multichannel News here at the Roosevelt Hotel.

They noted the difficulty of articulating the value of different platforms.

“It’s almost impossible for an agency to come up with an apples-to-apples measurement,” said Sarah Foss, president, Yangaroo Advertising. Advertisers are looking for what the value is and where it ends, whether that’s first- or second-screen.  “Now that we know this is our campaign, and we know that we are going to do it across all these different platforms, how do we actually leverage that in mid-campaign?"

Additionally, the panel stressed they wanted to monetize advertising past C3 viewings, without letting technology hinder that process.

“Consumers want to view everywhere, anywhere, and however. I think what it starts to create is a logistical blockade for a lot of programmers out there that are trying to get their content to all of the different platforms with the correct ad marks, correct ad policies, the correct windowing, and the correct metadata” said Tim MacGregor, director, product strategy and management, Clearleap. “Without logistics of metadata, you don’t have a lot of opportunity to insert the ad.”

Adding to MacGregor’s statement, Foss said, “Technology should not be a barrier. It still is.”

The panel also included Amy McGovern, VP digital, Fox Cable and Venkat Krishnan, VP, products, SeaChange International, and the session was moderated by Barry Frey, president & CEO, Digital Place-based Advertising Association.