Ensequence partners with the world's most innovative brands to help them get the most from the powerful medium of interactive television. Advertisers are capturing consumers' attention, maximizing advertising spend and demonstrating results with interactive TV advertising. They're pushing the limits of the television advertising experience and optimizing campaigns in fresh and compelling ways. Dynamic targeting, combined with instant metrics and reporting enable advertisers to measure ROI and fine-tune campaigns on the fly. 

Consumers are accessing detailed product information, exploring 3D demos and instantly requesting digital vouchers (HP). They're training with and competing against their favorite athletes, and then learning where to buy their gear (Nike). Today's viewers are even purchasing products directly using their remote controls or mobile phones.

Hewlett Packard

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HP and Ensequence teamed up to move some consumers from awareness to purchase with interactive television advertising. The time spent interacting with this long-form commercial and learning more about HP printing and imaging products was 2 – 3 minutes. 98% of the consumers who responded to the long term commercial related it as a positive experience.


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Nike and Wieden + Kennedy worked with Ensequence to deliver the Nike Zoom interactive television advertising campaign, which kept viewers in the Nike branded experience for up to 14 times longer than a 30 second spot.