Advocacy Group Decries Kaitz for MTV Diversity Award

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The Walter Kaitz Foundation may think MTV Networks is a diversity champion, but a media watchdog group isn’t convinced, and it is circulating a petition claiming that the programmer’s fare is insensitive to people of color.

Industry Ears -- a self-described think-tank group focused on media’s impact on children and communities of color -- garnered more than 330 signatures on a Web site ( denouncing Kaitz’s decision to award MTVN with its Diversity Champions Award during its annual fund-raising dinner last Wednesday.

The group’s online petition encourages all concerned citizens to sign the petition “to let the Walter Kaitz Foundation executive director David Porter know that MTV Networks is not the model for programming diversity and we hope that this is not an exemplar for other cable networks to emulate.”

Industry Ears cited shows such as MTV’s Where’s My Dog’s At and Yo Momma and VH1’s Flavor of Love as shows that among other things demean women and damage young children’s self-concept and social attitudes.

Representatives from Kaitz would not comment on the matter.