A&E to Encore Original Dramas


A&E Network plans to air its major original films and miniseries on a
regular basis.

Beginning Jan. 3, A&E will use Thursday nights as a showcase for encore
editions of such high-profile fare as Jane Austen's Emma, The Great
and The Lost Battalion. These original projects will air from
9 p.m. to 11 p.m. under the heading of 'A&E Network Studios.'

A&E Network Studios comes out of the game with part one of miniseries
Victoria &Albert, with the second half to follow Jan. 10.

The showcase will later feature the encore editions of such upcoming A&E
projects as The Magnificent Ambersons, which bows Jan. 13, as well as
The Lathe of Heaven and four-hour miniseries Shackleton, which
chronicles a 1914 expedition to Antarctica by the British explorer. The latter
will premiere sometime in the second quarter of 2002.

'We have been looking for an opportunity to showcase our original dramas
beyond the typical encore presentations that generally follow our premieres,'
senior vice president of programming Allen Sabinson said in a prepared

'We have an extensive library of original quality and entertaining movies and
believe this new Thursday-night block will allow us to collectively showcase
this great work on a week-to-week basis,' he added.