A+E Networks Unveils New Branding Campaign

‘Brave Storytellers’ collection will include films by Amanda Demme, featuring A+E stars

A+E Networks unveiled a new brand campaign – Brave Storytellers – featuring a collection of films showcasing directors like acclaimed photographer and artist Amanda Demme and featuring A+E stars like Leah Remini, Donnie Wahlberg, Steven Clark, Kevin Lawrence and Elizabeth Smart.

The campaign is aimed to target today's 'open generation', a large, varied audience united by a shared outlook: interested in the world around them, according to A+E.

Centered on the theme “It’s only by looking closer that we see,” the campaign begins today (Aug. 15) and was the brainchild of A+E Networks CEO Nancy Dubuc, who tapped Amanda Hill as the company’s new chief marketing officer in September. Hill has been the driving force behind A+E’s new vision, and hired entertainment and brand creative agency Sunshine to execute that vision along with A+E’s internal team.

“We’re thrilled to have worked alongside Nancy and Amanda on the overall brand evolution of A+E Networks and the A&E brand in particular and is exciting given their longstanding brand legacy in non-fiction programming,” Sunshine - CCO and co-founder, Al MacCuish said in a statement. “With the creation of 'Brave Storytellers' campaign, our aim was to elevate the fearless, factual storytellers that A&E represents, and the subject matters they tackle. It is often only by looking closer at the subjects we all think we know that the truth or reality at the heart of them is revealed. Nobody does that better than A&E and we wanted the brand itself the own that." 

In a statement, Hill said “Brave Storytellers” is “based on a belief that, hiding in the plain sight of everyday life, there are remarkable people and stories all around us. We just have to be brave enough to look, to get closer to the heart of a story, to create authentic moments of truth. It is a brand new campaign that exemplifies A&E's legacy of real and unscripted programming; magnifying defining stories of human endeavor and shining a light on parts of life that audiences really care about.”

 The campaign has two elements: “Look Closer: Brave Storytellers,” a brand film creative directed by A&E VP of Brand Creative Jonathan Davis who brought on Demme to direct the films. In addition,

A&E will unveil a short documentary, ‘Look Closer: Across America’, in collaboration with Sunshine and co-produced by A&E and Samsung Electronics America. And more is to come.

“We have an exciting month ahead... our campaign rollout includes key placements off channel with the Emmy Awards, This is Us and Will & Grace as well as within ad breaks of other ‘brave storytellers’ like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and Samantha Bee,” Hill said in a statement. “To top it off our partnership with Samsung provides a great digital element for the campaign."