A&E Teams Up with Kraft, TiVo


A&E Network is partnering with Kraft Foods Inc. and TiVo Inc. on an integrated-marketing initiative behind its Hollywood Home Movies special, which bows Sunday night.

Premiering Nov. 21 from 8 p.m.-10 p.m., the special is culled from hundreds of hours of home-movie footage from the Hollywood set. It is sponsored by Kraft, and it will be run with limited commercial breaks while showcasing custom vignettes that feature company products and a link to Kraft’s Web site (www.kraft.com/default.aspx) for trivia-quiz answers.

For their part, TiVo subscribers can opt in to view a showcase that will include a three-minute preview of Hollywood Home Movies and enable them to schedule a recording of the program when it airs.

In addition, on-air spots promoting the A&E program will be interactive, allowing TiVo subscribers to learn more about the program with a click of their remote.

Additionally, Kraft is sponsoring a special “Extra” issue of People magazine, which is being mailed to the title’s subscribers. The independent issue is devoted to family celebrations and holiday entertaining, with advertisements promoting Kraft’s integrated “Family Celebrations Sweepstakes.”

MediaVest USA, Kraft's media agency of record for North America, partnered with the company to develop the integrated initiative.

“A&E is delighted to be a part of this integrated, multimedia effort with Kraft Foods and TiVo,” A&E Television Networks senior vice president of integrated sales and marketing Melinda McLaughlin said in a prepared statement.

“This is the largest integrated campaign ever launched by the network, bringing together many of our different assets and emerging technologies,” she added.

A&E said the special features footage of stars and their families including Jimmy Stewart, Debbie Reynolds, John Huston, Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Tony Curtis, Dorothy McGuire, Loretta Young, Steve McQueen, Alfred Hitchcock, Haskell Wexler, Rock Hudson, Dean Martin, Ken Murray, Bob Crane, Hugh Hefner, Oliver Hudson, Nicolas Cage, the Fondas, Paris Hilton and more.