Aereo Delays Its Chromecast Debut To June 4

Company Working Out A ‘Few Kinks’

Aereo customers looking to watch live TV and recorded shows on the popular Google Chromecast adapter will have to wait just a wee bit longer.

“We are delaying release of Chromecast support to June 4 to work out a few kinks. Bummed about the delay, but next week is gonna rock!” Aereo said in this tweet on Thursday.

The original plan was to have Aereo “Google Cast Ready” today (May 29), and add the Chromecast to Aereo’s list of supported devices. Aereo offers an app (in beta form) for Android-powered phones and tablets at the Google Play store, and also supports iOS devices, most major PC browsers, the Apple TV (via AirPlay), and on Roku boxes.

Support for the Chromecast will come as Aereo continues its battle wiht the nation's major broadcasters and awaits its fate.  Following oral arguments on April 22, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide the Aereo case sometime in June. Aereo investor Barry Diller has suggested that a defeat in the High Court would likely spell the end of Aereo.

Paired with a cloud DVR, Aereo’s service captures digital over-the-air TV signals and converts them to IP streams that are then delivered to customers via the Internet.

Following recent court-ordered shut downs in Denver and Salt Lake City, Aereo presently offers services in New York, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Cincinnati; Boston, Atlanta; Miami; Houston; Detroit; and Baltimore.