Aereo Pushes FCC on OVD Decision

Says the Call Would be Consumer-and Distributor-Friendly

Aereo execs led by founder Chet Kanojia have been talking up an FCC Media Bureau proposal—not yet circulated among the commissioners—that would define some over-the-top video providers MVPD's—specifically ones that provide a linear video service similar to cable even if they don't mirror cable in owning the transmission facilities.

"We believe that clarifying the MVPD definition to narrowly include linear online video services like Aereo's would have clear benefits to consumers, creators and distributors alike," Kanojia told FCC officials last week.

The item, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, is responsive to a complaint filed by one such providers, Sky Angel, which filed a program access complaint but was told by the FCC, tentatively, that it was not an MVPD.

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