AETN Sits On Brightcove 'App Cloud'

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A&E Television Networks is using a beta version of Brightcove's App Cloud, a development tool designed to streamline building apps for different device platforms, to manage apps for several current shows and plans to use it for next season's crop as well.

The App Cloud product represents a new line of business for Brightcove, which has been focused on online video since its 2004 founding. The company announced that its video-management platform will now be called Video Cloud.

Brightcove's App Cloud lets developers create native apps and sites for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets. The tool combines an HTML5-based development model for cross-platform compilation, automated app distribution, analytics, advertising and connectors for accessing "cloud" services.

Brightcove App Cloud with Lifetime's 'Army Wives'

AETN used App Cloud to create iOS and Android apps for shows including Lifetime's Army Wives and One Born Every Minute. The programmer can continuously update the apps with content, including video previews and clips, photo galleries, schedule information, tweets and sharing on social networks.

Brightcove expects App Cloud to become commercially available in the second half of 2011. The product is currently in private beta for approved customers and partners.

"Delivering content apps across fragmented devices forces media publishers to choose between redundant one-off app development and cookie-cutter templates," Brightcove chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire said in a statement. "With App Cloud, Brightcove cloud content services offer unprecedented choice, control and efficiency for initiatives spanning online video, native apps and touch websites."

App Cloud automatically generates compiled Apple iOS and Google Android native apps and HTML5 Web experiences for touchscreen-based devices. Developers use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the App Cloud software development kit to create templates reflecting the desired functionality.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Brightcove, founded in 2004, counts more than 3,000 customers in 50 countries for its video-management system.