Africa Channel To Air Mugabe Interview


The Africa Channel will air a rare interview with controversial Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Dec. 27 as part of its African Presidents series.

The one-hour special, hosted by The Africa Channel co-founder and CEO James Makawa, will include the first in-depth interview in several years with Mugabe – who is considered by some to be a brutal dictator and by others as a revolutionary hero.  

During the special, the outspoken Mugabe discusses a wide range of issues, including his rise to power, the current state of the country’s struggling economy, his relationship with the West, his government’s controversial land redistribution program, the country’s growing financial ties to Eastern giants like China and his plans to ensure government or black control of most businesses in Zimbabwe.

The two-year-old Africa Channel is available in 10 million combined U.S. and Caribbean homes.