AFTRA, AMPTP Continue Contract Negotiations


A contract resolution between the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers will not be quick or easy, according to AFTRA's president, citing problems negotiating new media issues such as online use of show clips.

AFTRA has honored a news blackout since negotiations opened on May 7, but president Roberta Reardon issued an update to the union membership on May 19. She said negotiations had been businesslike but added difficult topics include under what circumstances employers can "exploit excerpts" from TV programs on other platforms.

AFTRA will "not relinquish consent" for excerpts for uses which would compromise the integrity of members' work, their reputations or which would impact their employability in scripted programming, she wrote.

AFTRA members should be able, with safeguards, to satisfy and profit from consumers' desire to access content from legitimate sources, Reardon wrote.

Negotiations resume between the two sides tomorrow.