Agencies Can’t Wait for Multiplatform Measurement

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NEW YORK — Consumers are already well down the road of watching video content on a range of connected devices, but ad agencies still don’t have an across-the-board metric, John Nitti, president of activation for media buyer Zenith, said.

Nitti said his team has been forced to put together a “patchwork” of data to be able to analyze consumption on various platforms: “We’re working with a lot of partners to get a better quilt made.”

“The consumer has less affinity to the consumption point and more affinity to the content,” Nitti said. “Nielsen is the currency most used, so if they get there first that’s good for the industry … but I’m also for pushing for other measurement platforms.”

He was interviewed by B&C business editor Jon Lafayette, who asked whether Nitti was skeptical about how quickly Nielsen could implement cross-platform measurement.

“I wouldn’t say they’re working with the urgency that all the agencies would like, but they’re trying,” Nitti responded.

Regarding Nielsen’s plan to expand the definition of a TV household to include broadband-connected TV devices like gaming consoles, Nitti said, “While I’m happy with Nielsen’s announcement, it’s only part of the way there.”

Increasingly, what’s important for advertisers are key performance indicators that aren’t number of impressions, he said. For example, for a car brand, what may be the most important metric is how many test-drives a campaign yields.

“Over time, it becomes less important where the impression was sourced from,” Nitti said.