Akimbo Adds User Content to Internet-Video Service


Internet portal blip.tv (www.blip.tv) will supply its user-generated shows and video-blog content to on-demand Internet movie outlet Akimbo Systems under a new distribution agreement forged last week.

Akimbo has built up a service that delivers thousands of video programs via an Internet-enabled set-top box. In partnering with Akimbo, blip.tv therefore offers its user contributors a place on the living-room-TV screen, according to blip.tv cofounder and CEO Mike Hudack

“Through this great partnership with Akimbo, user-created videos can now make the leap from the Internet directly to television sets,” he said. “Together, we are simplifying the process of making a star out of the ordinary person. Just as any other video content, user-generated content is best enjoyed sitting on your couch, watched on a full-screen TV.”

This partnership marks blip.tv’s first step toward bringing its content to television sets.

But not all of the user-generated content will make the leap to TV -- Akimbo will select certain blip.tv content based on popularity and production quality, and it will update the offerings frequently. All blip.tv show creators also will have the option to choose whether their content is considered for posting on the Akimbo service.