Akimbo Offers Scripps Content


Akimbo Systems’ Internet-delivered video-on-demand service has added Scripps Networks to its content roster.

Content from Scripps services Home & Garden Television, Food Network, Do It Yourself, Fine Living and Great American Country is now available to Akimbo subscribers.

To use Akimbo’s service, consumers select programs that are downloaded to the “Akimbo Player” through a broadband-Internet connection, then view them on their televisions using Akimbo’s "Queue and View" format.

“Our content is so well-known and watched by audiences around the world, yet increasingly, they're asking to watch it on-demand," Scripps Networks senior vice president of emerging media Channing Dawson said in a prepared statement.

“Akimbo will give consumers convenient on-demand access to a broad selection of Scripps programming for viewing on their televisions,” Dawson added.

Akimbo founder and executive vice president of sales and marketing Steve Shannon added, “Programming from Scripps Networks is a perfect match for our viewers who enjoy food, home improvement, interior design, landscaping, travel and music. Their modern take on daily living is so refreshing that they've created a huge fan base, and we're happy to help deliver more of what those fans have come to love.”