Al Jazeera America Names Bureau Correspondents

Preps Late August Launch of 24-Hour News Channel

 Al Jazera America has named the correspondents at its 12 bureaus in advance of the launch of the channel later this month, including Libby Casey, who will report from Washington. Casey had most recently been host of C-SPAN's morning programming block, Washington Journal.

Elsewhere, the new correspondents are:

Ash-har Quraishi will report from Chicago. He is formerly from noncommercial WTTW Chicago, where he reported for nightly news show Chicago Tonight.

Heidi Zhou Castro will report from Dallas. She camefrom YNN there.

Paul Beban, formerly a producer with Al Jazeera English, will report from Denver.

Bisi Onile-Ere, formerly with WDIV-TV Detroit, will report from the Detroit bureau.

Jennifer London, formerly a correspondent with NBC, MSNBC and noncommercial KCET Los Angeles, will report from L.A.

Jonathan Martin, formerly with WSMV-TV Nashville, will report from the Nashville bureau.

Robert Ray, from Associated Press, will be a correspondent in the New Orleans bureau.

Allen Schauffler, an anchor with KING-TV Seattle, will report from that city.

Al Jazeera America could face some new competition in the 24-hour cable news space. Sinclair has said it wants to expand NewsChannel 8, the regional news operation it is buying from Allbritton, into a national channel.