Al-Jazeera Kills CNN Deal


Al-Jazeera severed its affiliation deal with Cable News Network after CNN ran
an Al-Jazeera interview with Osama bin Laden Thursday that the Arabic news
network said CNN obtained illegally.

The bin Laden interview was shot by Al-Jazeera in October, but the network
never aired the interview, in which bin Laden claims the killing of innocent
civilians is permissible in Islamic law.

'Al-Jazeera denounced the fact that CNN resorts to such illegal ways to
obtain this tape,' Al-Jazeera said in a statement released by CNN. 'Al-Jazeera
would have expected CNN to use its judgment and respect its special relationship
with Al-Jazeera by not airing material that Al-Jazeera itself chose not to

A source at Al-Jazeera's Washington, D.C., bureau confirmed Friday morning
that the network is severing its ties with CNN.

CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson wouldn't say how the network obtained the
interview, but she said it didn't come from anyone associated with Al-Jazeera or
the U.S. government.

'We're in the midst of legal discussions, which we aren't going to comment
on, but it looks like our affiliate relationship with [Al Jazeera] will not
continue,' she added.