Alcatel-Lucent to Slash 12,500 Jobs


Alcatel-Lucent said it will eliminate some 12,500 positions over three years as part of the integration of the two recently merged companies.

The combination of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies was originally announced April 2, 2006, and the transaction closed Nov. 30.

“We are leveraging the integration of our two companies to create a more competitive enterprise over the long term and enhance our operating model to enable greater efficiencies in our operations," CEO Patricia Russo said in a prepared statement.

“These savings will include, among other things, the optimization of our supply chain and services, the elimination of duplicate resources and product rationalization,” she added. “We believe these actions will enhance our competitiveness in this dynamic industry. As a result, we expect the impact on our global work force will be about 12,500 positions over three years.”

Russo continued, “These are difficult but necessary decisions, and we will manage these reductions with care. We are committed to serving our customers' needs with a competitive cost structure and effective operating model. We will maintain the appropriate work-force level to do that.”