All-Star 3-D HD Demo from NBA, Pace


For a basketball fan, it doesn't get any better than watching Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant soar in the air with the ball on his way to a thunderous dunk on a big-screen HDTV.

Unless you're watching it on a big-screen HDTV in 3-D, as several reporters were allowed to sample recently in New York.

Some fans and the league's most valued partners will also be able to experience the technology in Las Vegas during the Feb. 17-18 National Basketball Association All-Star Weekend festivities.

The NBA teamed up with pioneering HD-camera maker Pace Technologies to offer special viewing parties in Sin City of the NBA's All-Star Saturday Night events, as well as the 56th All-Star Game, in 3-D HD -- the first time the breakthrough technology is being utilized for any live events.

The sharp images and depth of field perspectives provided by the 3-D HD feed -- accomplished through combining the images from two specially made 3-D HD cameras -- create a visual experience more life-like than the cheesy images from Jaws 3 or other 3-D-based theatrical releases from the 1980s and 1990s.

Even the special glasses look modern: You don't feel like a dork if you happen to wear them out of the theater.

NBA officials said they plan to offer live 3-D HD viewings of some upcoming playoff and NBA Finals games. They also hope home TV sets will soon be able to transfer the 3-D images into consumer homes in the near future.