Allot Reinforces ‘NetEnforcer’ Product Line


Allot Communications Ltd. is introducing a monitoring-only version of its "NetEnforcer Traffic Management" suite of products.

The new modules are designed to give MSOs detailed views of application performance and bandwidth utilization on their cable plant.

Allot said the monitoring-only software is a low-cost way for cable operators to understand traffic-management issues and identify network congestion and bottlenecks.

The software is earmarked for uncontrolled bandwidth usage; unapproved applications and protocols; denial-of-service attacks; network-borne viruses; and poor application performance.

Pricing starts at $3,200 for a 2-megabit-per-second throughput unit, Allot said.

The vendor added that it has tiered the pricing and capabilities of its core NetEnforcer product line.

The "AC-202" module that supports throughput speeds up to 2 mbps is priced at $3,200. The "AC-402 Enforcer" product that supports throughput speeds up to 10 mbps costs $8,000, while the AC-1000, which supports up to 1 gigabit per second, starts at $32,000.