Alopa Generates Funding

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Alopa Networks said it's raised $8.5 million of a series C finanacing tranche
as part of a $12.5 million investment. VantagePoint Venture Partners led the
round, which includes Summit Accelerator Fund, Lucent Venture Partners and
Rainbow Fund.

Alopa's provisioning software has been picked up by Eastern Connecticut
Cable, Susquehanna Communications, GCI and Wide Open West.

Alopa also is participating in CableLabs' PacketCable and CableHome

In other technology news, Ikusi Telecommunictions said three rep firms --
DACOM Inc., Telecommunications Concepts Inc. and Global Sales and Marketing Inc.
-- have agreed to sell Ikusi's amplifiers and headend equipment. DACOM will
handle sales in the Mid-Atlantic states, TCI will cover the Northeast while
Global Sales will rep in the Great Lakes region.