Alopa to Sign On Customers for WOW


Alopa Networks Inc. will soon be doing provisioning-system work for
WideOpenWest LLC.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based provisioning and operating-system provider
forged a deal with WOW to provide its 'MetaServ Provisioning Platform' and
PC-qualification software across the MSO's network, which includes several
Midwest markets and the Denver area.

WOW will use the software to qualify, provision, activate and monitor service
offerings across its network.

Castle Rock, Colo.-based WOW recently bought out Ameritech New Media, the
Americast-brand cable system owned by SBC Communications Inc.

The deal gave it 310,000 subscribers in Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus,
Ohio, and southeast Michigan, along with a network it is building in the Denver
metro area.

'Finding the right provisioning solution that would allow us to take this
revolutionary network to the next level has proven challenging,' WOW vice
president Mike Jury said in a release. 'Alopa made the decision easy for us by
providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that supports this vision.'

The system is designed to oversee multiple-Internet-service-provider access,
something WOW has championed for its network.

'WOW's future service requirements and road map are a perfect complement with
Alopa's vision and philosophy on the future of broadband,' Alopa CEO and
president Michael Foley said.

'In addition to open-access support, WOW is now in a position to offer new
and differentiated revenue-generating services without incurring additional
expenses,' he added. 'That has always been the mission of