AlternaTV Proffers Spanish-Language Alternatives


LAS VEGAS -- Alterna'TV, a Spanish-language aggregator, is exploring growth by compiling channels it is selling here to broadcasters as programming options for their new digital channels.
Alterna'TV has clients in the cable space, including Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable, which take the aggregator's networks for their Hispanic programming packages. But general manager Leonardo Alvarado said it's his company's responsibility "to look at new operations and this is a business [decision]. It's one we can't miss."
This is the aggregator's second year at the NATPE meeting. Last year, talks were promising as Alterna'TV offered syndicated Spanish-language fare. But broadcasters made it clear they wanted a fully-integrated solution, a fully programmed channel that they could put on the air and against which they can sell local TV ads. Alterna'TV would sell the national ads.
But Alvarado said the aggregator realized it needs "economies of scale," perhaps a sale to a stations group, to efficiently deliver such solutions.
This year, the company is marketing two channel solutions to broadcasters: Hola TV, an entertainment, news and lifestyle channel, including a morning show and some cooking shows. Broadcasters are also offered Planet X, an extreme sports channel.
"Even with this economic uncertainty, pay TV is growing steadily, not in incredible figures, but steadily. But if there's a multi-channel platform, we have to be there," he said of the broadcast play.