Altice USA and Vizio Combine Advanced Advertising Forces

Cable operator’s recently launched A4 and smart TV maker’s Inscape announce partnership
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A4, the addressable advertising business launched by Altice USA in April, announced that it is partnering with Inscape Data Inc., a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) data owned by smart TV maker Vizio.

A4 specializes in positioning both local and national ads across digital and connected TV screens, using data culled from the set-tops of Altice USA subscribers.

Inscape sells data culled from Vizio connected TVs and has access to data from about nine million TV sets.

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“With this partnership, A4 adds insights collected from nearly nine million smart TVs to its footprint of more than 90 million households, 85% of broadband subscribers and one billion devices in the U.S,” A4 said in a statement. “That data includes de-identified Altice USA subscriber data and viewership and device-level data from MVPDs across the country, which a4 receives in exchange for providing MVPDs with its platform.”

“To really be able to help our clients’ plans between channels. we need the full scope in what we’re calling the ‘premium TV landscape,’” John Povey, senior VP of marketing and analytics at A4, told AdExchanger. “That’s where folks like Inscape can really come in and help us be able to optimize where the most [viewing] time is being spent. That will ultimately [inform] how we stitch our campaign results back together.”

Alice USA was the first MVPD to offer addressable advertising in the New York DMA. It later purchased Audience Partners, a provider of privacy-compliant, authenticated IP addressability technology, and Placemedia, a leader in supply-side programmatic ad solutions for national linear, addressable, OTT and on-demand television.