`Always-On' Appeals to Data Subs


The cable modem's 'always-on' feature is gaining momentum, according to a new
survey by Jupiter Media Metrix.

Dial-up subscribers said their top motivator to get broadband wasn't improved
audio or video streaming, but the always-on connection, which was cited by 59
percent of respondents, according to Jupiter.

Video and audio streaming appealed to only 26 percent and 15 percent of
respondents, respectively.

Although 16 percent of homes now have broadband connections, another 24
percent of dial-up users were interested in adding broadband within the next 12
months, Jupiter said. Jupiter's research found that Road Runner generates more
than 4 million unique monthly visitors, surpassing other broadband sites, which
log between 300,000 and 500,000 unique monthly visitors.