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■ ■ ■ ■ History lives up to its
brand with its ambitious 12-part
series America: The Story of Us. The
series takes viewers through an
historical journey that recounts the
events that culminated into the creation
and advancement of America.

The first episode in the series
deftly explores the experiences of
the first English settlers in Jamestown,
Va., and the Pilgrims in Plymouth,
Mass., during the early 1600s
through dramatic and narrated
re-enactments that have more of
a theatrical feel that traditional
documentary content.

While the series captures all the
events and personalities that led
to America’s eventual rebellion
against its British colonial masters,
it does look to offer some factoids
not traditionally found in elementary
school textbooks. Of note,
the first episode highlights the
prominent role free and prosperous
blacks played in the battle for
United States independence.

In an effort to increase its
entertainment appeal, History
intersperses commentary from
contemporary political, scholastic
and entertainment personalities
such as Donald Trump, Colin Powell,
Henry Louis Gates, Michael
Douglas and Tom Brokaw, who
help put in perspective the events
that ultimately led to the birth of
a nation.

U.S. history scholars and entertainment-
driven television viewers
alike will find America: The Story of
Us informative and entertaining.