AmericanLife TV Doc Wins Public Service Award

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AmericanLife TV’s documentary Poverty in America won the New England Cable & Telecommunications Association’s public service award in the special feature category, network officials said Friday.

Poverty in America chronicles Martin Luther King III’s 2007 nationwide tour to raise the social consciousness of the economic problems facing Americans today. It was narrated by the civil rights activist and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young. The tour visited 35 impoverished communities—including Washington, D.C., the Northern California Bay Area, Northern New Mexico and Appalachia.

“It is wonderful that NECTA is recognizing and honoring our important work on Poverty in America,” Martin Luther King III said in a statement. “Obviously, America is not focused on this issue when our nation’s homeless, jobless and the working poor continue to increase.”

“My father’s last major effort was called the ‘Poor People’s Campaign,’” he added. “But, he did not live to realize the dream of a nation where every citizen that wants to can live free from poverty.”

The award will be presented on July 17, during the NECTA Convention & Exhibition in New Port, R.I.

The New England Cable & Telecommunications Association, is a six-state regional trade association representing substantially all private cable telecommunications companies in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.