Amping Up for Young Men


A new extreme sports/music network, targeting the young male “adrenaline” culture, is set to launch this September.

The independently owned Amp TV will offer mostly original content featuring extreme sports, exercise programming, music videos and action-based movies, according to president and CEO Keith Dressel.

He said the Clearwater, Fla.-based network is tapping the top performers and participants in action sports and music to develop programming he said would differentiate the network from more-established alternative-sport proponents like Fuel or Spike TV.

“Our programming will be a lot more interesting, more action-oriented and focused in on what our target audience wants to see,” Dressel said. “Anything that’s fun to do and is in line with an active lifestyle, we will offer on the network.”

Dressel, a music-industry veteran, said the network is negotiating with several top 10 MSOs, but has yet to ink any carriage contracts.

He said the network is seeking digital-basic distribution, but would not rule out positioning on digital or sports tiers. Amp TV would not reveal rate-card specifics, saying only that it would offer operators two minutes of local avails per hour and 12 minutes of national advertising.

On the programming end, Dressel said 90% of its lineup will feature original content. Some of the shows set to launch include Board Crazy, which follows the biggest surfboard events around the globe; Live To Ride TV, a 30-minute show that profiles “anything you can ride on,” from boats to bulls and broncos; Rock & Brawls: The Loudest Battle On Earth, a reality series pitting unsigned hard rock bands against each other; and Boy’s Life Presents the Boy Scout Survivor Series.

In addition, Amp TV will produce a number of sporting events, including Sam’s Town Casino Motorcycle Extravaganza by Steal Dreams this September, according to network executives.