AMPTP Runs Ads Touts DGA Deal


The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is turning to newspaper ads to drum up support for the contract terms it has offered to the Screen Actors Guild.

An ad in Monday's Los Angeles Times includes supportive quotes from other union leaders, uttered when they approved contracts with terms similar to those presented to SAG last month. Sample quote: “Two words describe this agreement -- groundbreaking and substantial,” attributed to Gil Cates, chairman of the Directors Guild of America's contract negotiating committee after its deal was reached with AMPTP.

“The Deal. Let's keep working,” the ad also states.

SAG leaders said last week that they will not accept the deal because too much has happened in the new media space since pacts were signed with writers and directors unions. SAG leadership points to what they call "accelerated investment" in new media by the big conglomerates which dominate the AMPTP as the rationale for their refusal.

No new contract talks are scheduled, nor has SAG indicated whether the union will strike.