Anaheim Weighs In at FCC


Anaheim (Calif.) Mayor Curt Pringle filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission backing legislation that would increase competition in the video arena and boost new delivery methods.

The city recently reached an agreement that will allow AT&T Inc. to offer Internet-protocol-TV service.

“Anaheim city leaders believe that government should not determine whether residents receive video content through established cable providers, increasingly competitive satellite television, or new concepts like Internet-protocol television, or future technologies like Wi-Fi delivery of video content,” Pringle wrote.

“By eliminating franchise fees and impediments, Anaheim leaders believe there will be equitable competition amongst the variety of video-service providers,” he added. “In this way, and without local-government interference, the various systems compete in price, quality and quantity, and consumers decide which service provider they prefer.”

The full text of Pringle’s comments is available on the city’s Web site (