Android TV announced a new product upgrade Wednesday, intended to steer users to YouTube amid the ongoing pandemic-fueled spike in streaming usage.

As outlined in a blog posted by parent company Google, the new content-surfacing rows on the Android TV homepage screen include the following:

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Covid-19 News — This rather self-explanatory new user-interface component will feature the “latest” news from “authoritative publishers and local health authorities,” Google said.

Stay Home #WithMe — This row will surface content themed around cooking, fitness, live music and other YouTube programming that helps users “stay connected” amid sheltering in place.

Free Movies from YouTube — Google didn’t specify any titles for this self-explanatory new feature, but the “free with ads” language seems to indicate the typical AVOD flora and fauna.

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Google said it’s also adding a new “Watchlist” tab to Android mobile, which will enable Android smart phone users to more efficiently use Google search features to find something to watch amid all the services they subscribe to.