Another New GigE Player Joins In


Cable's burgeoning Gigabit Ethernet vendor space is getting a little more crowded, as Manticom Networks has thrown its hat in the ring, promising technology that can drop video-on-demand broadband transport costs to below $35 per stream.

"The cost of transport has, up until now, represented an insurmountable economic barrier to widespread adoption of video-on-demand," said Manticom president and CEO Tim Cahall.

Chantilly, Va.-based Manticom is pitching cable operators on its Scorpion 4104, which can scale from 5 gigabits per second to 20 gbps of throughput on a single backbone node. Manticom vice president of marketing Jan Mul said the Scorpion 4104 delivers fail-over protection akin to carrier class by leveraging a dual, bi-directional transport and restoration capabilities of a distributed switching architecture.

The product provides transparent Layer 2 transport for any protocol at Layer 3 or above, Mul noted, which allows for integration with existing networks. Operators can scale the platform, deploying the Scorpion 4104 in either the hub or the headend.

Manticom can scale the platform as high as 100 gbps using a "step-wise extension," Mul said.

In other new-product news, High Speed Surfing will introduce the SM300 line of gateway products for professional services. It's geared for heavy residential high-speed Internet users as well as the small-office/home-office market.

HSS sits next to the base cable-modem in the home or office. The modules connect to one another via wireless routers, Lin said.

Users can choose several modules, ranging from a voice-over-Internet protocol module to a digital video recorder, he said.

Separately, Movidis will introduce the MMS 1000 Molecular Media Server, a device that lowers video-on-demand streaming costs to $65 per stream.

"The compelling argument we have is in cost," said co-founder and CEO David Adleman. "The system starts at $10,000 or less."

The MMS1000 can stream up to 400 to 500 streams and store 800 hours of content on one chassis.

Ceon Corp. and Core Networks Inc. are releasing new provisioning and home networking software upgrades.

Ceon is adding a series of new-services adapters to its Integration and Provisioning Suite, including an IP-management platform, a soft switch for primary line VoIP service and inter-carrier provisioning gateways for E-911 services.

Charter Communications Inc. uses the suite, Ceon said.

Core Networks is launching its CoreEnsemble home-network manager. The device is designed to manage IP telephony, streaming media and other packet-based services, as envisioned in Cable Television Laboratories Inc.'s CableHome 1.0 home-networking specification. Two MSOs are trialing the product, the company said.