Anstrom Visits FCC on DTV Carriage


Landmark Communications Inc. president and chief operating officer Decker Anstrom last week paid a visit to Federal Communications Commission headquarters to help blunt broadcasters' campaign to expand their cable-carriage rights.

Anstrom, former president of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, met with several FCC officials Nov. 6 to argue against requiring cable operators to carry TV stations' analog and digital signals during the transition to digital-only broadcasting.

Landmark owns The Weather Channel, a basic-cable network that could get squeezed from crowded cable systems forced to double up on local TV signals.

The FCC could decide the issue at a Dec. 17 meeting.

In a letter placed in the digital-TV-transition proceeding, Anstrom said he told FCC officials that the agency "should not grant broadcasters must-carry rights for their digital-broadcast signal until they have returned their analog spectrum."

Anstrom said his meetings included FCC members Kathleen Abernathy, Kevin Martin and Jonathan Adelstein, as well as Media Bureau chief Kenneth Ferree.