Antenna Giveaway Comes to D.C.

TVFreedom, LG, Local Broadcasters Join to Promote OTA
Original: and LG are providing a helping hand to Antennas Direct on its free antenna giveaways in the nation's capital, part of what is billed as the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour.

Over-the-air antennas (courtesy of Antennas Direct) will be given out in up to 25 cities, including 1,000 of them in Washington Nov. 23 to the first 1,000 people, plus a chance to win an LG HDTV set. Other cities in the initial giveaways include Toledo (Nov. 20), plus Indianapolis and Huntington, W.Va., next year.  Local broadcasters will be holding events in those cities as well, said TVFreedom spokesman Rob Kenny, with other cities added to the tour when it picks up again in early spring.

“There are commitments right now for Indianapolis and Huntington, WV in the spring of 2015,” said Antennas Direct spokesperson Jeremy Nulik. “We have interest from dozens of other cities, but not yet firm commitments. The Washington D.C. event is a kick off for the Broadcast TV Liberation Tour, our effort to bring free high-definition television to the living rooms of American families.”

LG will be setting up HDTVs in Washington's Eastern Market (farmers market and craft venue) to showcase D.C. over-the-air (OTA) fare.

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